Privacy policy

GTS Solution treats the privacy of site’s users as a very important aspect. That’s why we created this privacy policy regarding the using of any type of personal informations collected by our site and the way we protect the confidentiality of our users.

GTS Company reserves the right to upgrade the following terms without prior notice.


Collection of personal informations

Any personal information collected by our site is used only for performing our activity. The personal informations are collected when our visitors send CV to our e-mail address. Any informations sent from the visitor’s computer, like IP address or some informations regarding operation system are stocked on our server, which is accessed only by our company. All the informations on our server are regularly deleted. The reason we collect informations regarding to our visitors is to track possible violations of our policy to use this site.

Personal & non-commercial use

Informations will be used in relationships with our potential partners. This private informations are treated seriously. Any change will be done with the person’s agreement.
All contains of this web site are only for personal use. No text and image are allowed to be modified, copied, distributed, transmitted, displayed, performed, reproduced, published, transferred or sold without prior written permission.



No Illegal & Prohibited Activities

All aplicants’ informations will be stocked on our database and will be protected of unauthorized access.
All users of this web site are prohibited to conduct any activities that could damage, disable, overburden or impair the servers that this web site is running on. Any unauthorized access to the file directories on the server are also prohibited. As a user agreement, this term is strongly enforced.


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